Hec- Dragobia team, in operation to extinguish the wildfires on Valbona’s crest

On Thursday morning, 5 individual fires were detected spreading rapidly on the crest of Valbona, close to Dragobia village. The National Agency for the Protected areas in Kukes, stepped in immediately seeking the assistance and efforts of Gener 2 team, engaged in the area for the construction of Dragobia electric hydropower.
Gener 2 rescue team was quick to respond and intervene in battling the blazes in a hard to reach area.
Fires set up by individuals seeking to open new pastures in Valbona have jeopardized the ridges and crowns of the area. When in hard to reach, remote areas, timely and rapid intervention is vital.
“The sustainable development of northeast and environmental responsibility is a priority of our company, – stated the executives of Gener 2 work site in Dragobia, hence the rescue team immediate stepping in to wipe out the wildfires following the call for help from AKZM.