Gener 2 is an Albanian based company with a wide range of business diversification. The key business portfolio of Gener 2 consists in the construction of residential, commercial and industrial buildings, followed by roads and infrastructure. Gener 2 has also invested in real estate and property management. An important part of Gener 2 portfolio is the energy sector where we currently hold over 100 MW of installed capacity to be developed in the next three years. We have on-going projects in numerous locations nationwide combining knowledge, skills, experience, and commitment in every job to deliver them exceptionally and successfully.

Gener 2 has established itself as a prestigious construction and development company in Albania, with almost twenty years of experience. Since its early days, Gener 2 has grown steadily in size by mixing the invaluable existing experience of the older construction generation with that of the younger generation educated either in the EU countries and Northern America.

Based on international standards Gener 2 is a mid-size company. However, in Albania it is currently one of the 10 largest companies and the biggest in the construction field. We are also one of the largest employers in the private sector, with a work force of over 900 employees.

Our portfolio of construction projects has been extensive and diverse in the nature. We have completed a variety of construction objects which vary in complexity. These include but are not limited to residential buildings, business and shopping centres, roads and highways, water supplies and sanitation systems, fibre optics, processing plants, ports and an airport control tower. Gener 2 has created a significant footprint in the residential field of construction where almost every area of the capital is marked with one of our buildings.

One of the most significant projects of Gener 2 is the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) a natural gas pipeline project that starts in Greece, crosses Albania and the Adriatic Sea and comes ashore in Southern Italy. The TAP route onshore in Albania is about 211 km in length and is planned to pass through Bilisht, Korce, Skrapar, Berat and Fieri Regions. Gener 2 is awarded the construction and upgrading of roads and bridges in Albania, a project that is nearly its completion.

In its 20 years of construction activity Gener 2 has accumulated a tremendous amount of working experience. Only in the last 10 years the company has completed over 30 different construction projects. Extended almost in the entire territory of Albania, our projects have provided Gener 2 with a unique experience and knowledge of specific local conditions that are essential to the successful implementation of the projects.