Gener 2 is an award –winning company that has established itself as a most reputable and prestigious construction, project management and engineering name in

Over the past twenty years, we have transformed ourselves from a successful construction management company into an innovative, forward-thinking and ambitious organization. Together with our customers and partners, we deliver landmark projects that create long-term progress and economic growth. In fact, Gener 2’s vision is to transform the construction experience by building smart. To achieve this ambitious goal, we are committed to three corporate strategies:

  • Advance the power of innovation to provide answers
  • Empower our people to create high-performing teams
  • Engage in the community to make a difference

Gener 2 is dedicated to providing a quality service and to exceed the expectations of the wide range of the customers and clients, combining knowledge, skills, and experience in every project we deliver.

“Build smart” is a commitment made by all Gener 2 employees to consistently deliver the very best solutions, answers, and results on our projects. We have established a strong corporate culture that emphasizes innovation on our projects and in our operations. We embrace new practices, ideas, and ways of thinking, and our construction management teams are inquisitive, open-minded, and have a strong commitment to collaboration and open communication on our project sites.

We pride ourselves on the many in-house and self-sufficient services that we perform, such as engineering and design management, coordination, and supervision of various privately owned and government funded construction and development activities, as well as the collaboration with various prestigious national and international firms and institutions.