mapGener 2 is an award –winning Albanian based company that has established itself as the most reputable and prestigious construction, project management and engineering name in the country.

Over the last 25 years, the company has evolved into one of the largest organizations in Albania with a very large portfolio of residential and commercial construction, roads and highways, infrastructure projects, energy, retail and as of recently, media.

The company continues its expansion and is currently one of the biggest employers in the private sector in Albania. Some of its projects are well known landmarks in the country, where the most notable ones are ABA Business Center and Toptani Shopping Center, as well as the construction of access roads and bridges for the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline.

The company has set high standards in the construction industry, where currently has been chosen to start the development of one of the most strategic highways in the country, a part of the Blue Corridor and also the largest residential complex in the capital city of Tirana. In early 2018, CNN International partnered with Gener 2 Group to launch A2 news channel, a CNN exclusive affiliate in Albania.