Gener 2 strategy includes a focus on developing core activities in construction & infrastructure, energy and telecommunications, real estate industries & leisure. The Company has taken the necessary steps to cope with the national economic development, international markets and the repercussions for the activities of the company in every place that it is engaged in business. This strategy includes focusing on the development and completion of a number of major projects in Albania and the region by creating sustainable net income and leveraging the Company’s management capabilities and capital to obtain future growth.

Gener2 is continuously committed to:

Innovation – At Gener 2, we always look for new ways to improve the quality of our work and services. We involve our employees in the quality improvement processes and encourage them to present and promote new ideas. Our success relies on continuous research, development and implementation of innovative solutions. Gener 2’s significant investments in the fields of research and development benefit not only the company but also the Albanian market.

Safety – At Gener 2, we believe that the safety of our employees and all participating individuals is integral to our success. We continuously monitor for potential risks and regularly update our safety plans and technical field procedures, whether they involve making sure that workers have safety gear on, or whether work, safety and directional signs are up and visible. Our safety inspectors ensure that Gener 2 operates in full compliance with all applicable safety and health laws, regulations, codes and standards. The ultimate results are reduced costs and increased productivity due to reduced work stoppage from accidents. Most importantly, our employees are safe and secure even in difficult work environments and remote locations.

Social Responsibility – Being social responsible means that all the decisions taken will not cause social damage. All the partners need to get informed in the right and transparent way for all the risks that agreements might bear.

Environment – We are committed to continually strive to reduce and mitigate our environmental impact by:

  • Reducing our consumption of resources;
  • Managing energy consumption and performance;
  • Selecting materials and equipment which have minimal environmental impact.
  • Engaging our suppliers to abide by our environmental principles.