Arbëri Road Construction

One of our most important projects under construction is the Arberi Road Construction, Lot 1 (The Segment Brari Bridge–Entrance of the Qafe Murrize Tunnel).

Gener 2 is one of the general contractors contracted by the General Roads Directorate for the construction of the Arberi Road, which will connect Tirana to Diber and ultimately Macedonia.

The main goal of the project is the improvement of the road transportation infrastructure in Albania by fulfilling the growing needs for transportation services in accordance with the rapid national and local economic changes.

The road has been designed in conformity with the new Albanian technical parameters, B2. Gener 2 is responsible for building approximately 5.5 km of the segment Brari Bridge–Entrance of the Qafe Murrize Tunnel and is expected to complete it by January, 2013.