Gener 2 donates school supplies to children in remotest areas of the country

The social responsibility in both contribution and needs’ solutions of the society and the community, is an integral part of Gener 2 culture.

In the framework of back to school campaign for academic year 2016 – 2017, Gener 2 donated school supplies to the children of the remotest areas of the country. The aim of this initiative was to provide children with a complete school package, necessary for the development of their educational process. The package includes school bags, notebooks, pencils, rulers, pens and any other supply necessary for the development of a productive learning process.

For years Gener 2 has been engaged and committed in social responsibility projects, helping communities and people across the country. The package that we donated to the children of these areas is complete providing all the necessary tools to the children in need.

About Gener 2:
Gener 2 is an Albanian based company with a wide range of business diversification. The key business portfolio of Gener 2 consists in the construction of residential, commercial and industrial buildings, followed by roads and infrastructure. Gener 2 has also invested in real estate and property management. An important part of Gener 2 portfolio is the energy sector where we currently hold over 100 mw of installed capacity to be developed in the next three years. We have on-going projects in numerous locations nationwide combining knowledge, skills, experience, and commitment in every job to deliver them exceptionally and successfully.

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